Internationally recognized award-winning artist Young-Jae Lee is the managing director of the Keramische Werkstatt Margaretenhöhe in Essen. In 1986, she and Hildegard Eggemann started developing the collection's canon of forms and colors. To this day, the resultant collection has remained nearly unchanged and is produced by the workshop team.

Consistent with Korean tradition, Young-Jae Lee is not interested in a constant reinvention of forms but rather in complete mastery of the extant repertoire. The production of each new vessel is not unlike an instance of meditation. Only by internalizing the forms, work at the potter’s wheel becomes a sort of spiritual exercise far removed from daily routine. Personality begins to exert its influence; the individual is expressed in the craft.

All of the masterworks shown here were thrown, painted, and glazed by Young-Jae Lee herself.