Young-Jae Lee is an internationally recognized artist who has won several awards. She is the managing director of the Margaretenhöhe Ceramic Workshop in Essen. Together with Hildegard Eggemann, she developed the form and color canon of the manufactory program starting in 1986, which has been produced almost unchanged by the workshop staff ever since.

For Young-Jae Lee – following the Korean tradition – it is not the constant reinvention of forms that is decisive, but the perfect mastery of the existing repertoire. The making of each new vessel is like a meditation. Only with the internalization of the forms can the daily work on the wheel become a kind of retreat beyond all routine. The personality begins to flow in, the individual expresses itself in the craftsmanship.

All the masterpieces shown here come from Young-Jae Lee’s hand and were turned, painted and glazed by her herself.